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16 Responses to Contact

  1. Tim says:

    Hey Sky,My name is Tim Lokey.I met you in Belleville on main st. a while ago when my band Vynaltap played over there.I am no longer with that group but I am now in a new group that you might like to see.The band name is WhiteNoise.ur first official gig will be at the 10 Mile House in Affton off of Gravois.We do have a website which is under construction but is getting better.Right now we are trying to get soundbites of the band on there and build a photo gallery.Our songlist is on there and a contact page and our first gig is under the schedule page.Please visit Love for you to come out and check us out.You can reach me at 314-952-7502 or Sky.

  2. Professor John Moore, PhD says:

    You are an absolute positive in the world of live music!
    I offer you every possible best wish for a fast and complete recovery!
    Hang in there my friend…

  3. Joe lautner says:

    Hey uncle Jim how’s it goin? Hope your feelin better! Haven’t talked to you in a long time! Get ahold of me
    Joe lautner


    WE’RE ALL BOZO’S ON THIS BUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Michael Evan Craig says:

    Hello Sky King, I am an asp-iring musician and friend of Bob Gills. Could you add me to your sky report list. please send me information on first Sunday jams and any otherjam sessions and open mics that youknow of, so I can really get out there soon. Thank you very much.

  6. Don Wickerham says:

    Hello Sky,
    I am trying to find some places to go on New Years Eve in Waterloo Ill that will have a live badn or DJ. Do you know of any and where??

    • skyreport says:

      I’m working on a poster now for Father Jack Band at Lou & Michelle’s Fireside South, NYE, 9-1, $7 cover. Check back shortly to Future & Repeat Posters. Awesome band!!!

  7. Diane Range says:

    Hi neighbor, This is Diane from NewAthens, just wondering how I can get “Blue Motive” on your calendar ? They are playing tonight in Granite City @ Frawleys, and next Friday the 1st at Edwardsville Moose Club.

  8. Paul Seibert says:

    Oh my Jim. You are the utmost. Thank you for including our NineEleven Wounded Warrior Concert on your Sky Report! -Straight Up Magazine

  9. Jim whelan says:

    Thanks for posting joey’s obit.i have great memories of him back in the beginning. He taught me to alway play to your audience

  10. Lupe Ortiz says:

    Sky would please add to your list Thanks Lupe

  11. Tiffany Rhodes says:

    I would love to get on your list, to find out what is going on in the St. Clair county area.

  12. Cassandra says:

    Could u add me to your list to receive email notifications

  13. Randall Helfrich says:

    Could you please add me to your email weekly list

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