Danny Gatton Tribute Benefit 2-27-11 by Sky

Billy Barnett hosts Danny Gatton Tribute Benefit with Ronnie Shumake.

Billy Barnett, with the help of Ronnie Shumake, former bass with Danny Gatton Band, and co-writer of the song, “Skyking”, assembled a group of awesome musicians that were capable of performing the music of Danny Gatton. They worked on it for months and Billy took them all the way to the edge, and they really had fun doing it. Most of the packed house at BB’s Jazz, Blues & Soups were peers that came to pay tribute to the music of Danny Gatton and enjoy the abilities of the performers.
Click the link to view a slide show of photos that I took that night. If you have a problem with the link, look at the sidebar on the right under Other SkyReport Pages and click SkyDrive Photos.

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2 Responses to Danny Gatton Tribute Benefit 2-27-11 by Sky

  1. Jim Cavanagh says:


    Wish I had been there but lucky enough to have gotten wwork that day. I know if Shumake was playing it was well done.

    Great Photo.

    Any Vid?


  2. Ronnie is a good friend who introduced me to Danny many years ago when they played with Rodger Miller. Thumbs Carlyle played with them too with some other cats who’s names have slipped away…been a few years. Danny’s music was so unique and damn fast…Ronnie’s “Sky King ” was amazing…I mean IS amazing! If I had not been 15,000 miles away in Bangkok, I would have been there… Blues on ya from the rock-n-roll poet, Terry Lee Hawkins

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