Crehan’s Monthly Sunday Jam 2-13-11 by Sky

Rich Creadore (Head East) and John Jeremiah (Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah)

When I first discussed my idea of doing a monthly jam, made up of top notch working musicians and former touring performers with Barry and Patti Gregory at Crehan’s Irish Pub in Belleville in July of 2008, it was still a dream in my mind. Every month seems to feed off of the success of previous months, and I keep shaking the bushes all month long, ’till the next one. February was no different. John Jeremiah, former member of Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah, whose song Lake Shore Drive is a rock classic that gets daily air-play on classic rock stations all over the country, brought along his friend, Rich Creadore, former member of Head East, for well over a decade. Head East is still playing large concert venues, and is currently touring with April Wine. Rich and John jammed with the regulars for most of a full set, and returned for a couple on the last set. Don’t forget to be there March 6th, 4-8pm for the next jam.
See the photos I assembled into a slide show for you.


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3 Responses to Crehan’s Monthly Sunday Jam 2-13-11 by Sky

  1. James Jeremiah Sr. says:

    That was one awesome jam Sunday and my lips still feeling it. The reed about tore it up. Hopefully Rich will come back next month too. I should be there since my daughter lives just a few blocks away. Great pictures of everyone. Thanks for John and Rich.

    Jim Jeremiah

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