Cecil Cope In Concert at “The Hett” 1-9-11

Sky with Cecil Cope

Local live music lovers have been entertained by Cecil Cope and his big band, The Jorrells, at many large events, corporate parties and weddings for many years. See SkyReport file photo above that was taken in the spring of 2010.
Cecil spent his formative years in Lebanon, IL and at McKendree, enjoying the beauty of the campus, and pitching baseball. He drives or takes the train, 17,000 miles a year, from his home near Memphis, TN to perform with The Jorrells.
Cecil has always enjoyed the very creative talents of arrangers in producing memorable recordings that we all enjoy. Cecil, with the help of producer Wayne Coniglio, put together an amazing concert at the Hettenhausen Center for the Arts at McKendree University in Lebanon, IL. Cecil performed flawlessly, as he always does, since he is blessed with perfect pitch. He was backed by a 35 piece orchestra with 17 strings. The orchestra included the best in our area. Cecil provided a short narration before each song that was very informative.
To say that I enjoyed the concert, would be an understatement. The performance had me choking back tears at many points in the night. Video and still cameras were not permitted, so I share with you my ticket and program. It’s actually easier to read here than at the concert.
Thank you Cecil!!!!

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8 Responses to Cecil Cope In Concert at “The Hett” 1-9-11

  1. Jesse Davis says:

    Cecil even let me sing a song with them at my cousin Chris’s wedding. I never sang “Centerfield” by Fogerty before but he let me do it anyway. Hopefully I didn’t throw them off too bad! 😉

  2. Denny Symer says:


    Thank you for a magnificent concert last Sunday evening. It was great hearing you and the orchestra play and sing the songs of the 60’s. It was also great hearing about you experiences and memories of Lebanon. Thanks again. We are all sooooo proud of you.

    Denny Symer

  3. Carol Zimmer says:

    We had such a great time at the concert! So glad I didn’t miss this opportunity to hear such great music, and yes, we are very proud of your acomplishments.
    Some of our classmates were inspired to tell some really good “high school” stories at intermission, so that was informative, as well.
    Thanks, again, Cecil,
    Carol Simmons Zimmer

  4. Tony McKissick says:

    Hi Ceil,
    Your friends at Fedex Av Shop would like to know whn will you play in Memphis.

  5. Ginger says:

    Hi Cecil,
    I can’t wait! Your beautiful program notes here has really got me fired up about our “Swing Of Hearts” concert in St. Louis this Feb. 15th at the E. Desmond Lee Concert Hall with you and Wayne Coniglio and Elsie Parker and lots of swingin’ musician friends. Many thanks, and looking forward!
    Warmest regards,
    Ginger Berglund

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