SkyReport Safari 12-31-10 to 1-1-11 by Sky

Serena Hagan with Lost Souls Band

After the severe weather cleared the area and my rheumatoid
arthritis had a chance to settle down, I took a nice nap and decided
a SkyReport Safari was a real possibility for New Years Eve.
I left my home near Marissa, IL as the 10 pm news was coming on
the TV. I stopped at Casey’s and gassed up my trusty ’91 Olds
Regency and arrived at Richard Ray’s Sports Bar in Marissa just in
time for the band to finish their last song before going on break.
I took my first picture of the night at 10:18 pm of Serena Hagan,
the picture you see above. By 1:08 am when I took my last picture,
I had seen 9 bands and seen hundreds of live music lovers, dancing
in the new year. The can of Diet Cola I left home with was still half
full when I arrived safely back home with these pictures. I hope
you enjoy them. Happy New Year live music lovers!!!

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