CSNY Tribute 12-11-10 7pm Family Arena

CSNY 12-11-10, originally uploaded by SkyReport.

Terry Jones Rogers and Scott Nienhaus, of Rogers & Nienhaus, have joined with: The Mondin Band, John Mondin, Paul Graves, John Coatney, and Bob Werner, to create a tribute to CSNY. Not only are they all world-class musicians, Rogers and Nienhaus toured the world as members of The Byrds and The Byrds Celebration, and both have worked with Firefall and Nicolette Larson.

This is a group that you don’t want to miss!!!! These guys NAIL THIS STUFF!!! From their pristine harmonies, to the fiery exhange between guitarists John Mondin and Scott Nienhaus, recalling the great repartee between Stills and Young on 4 Way Street.
Do yourself a favor, and experience ~ 4&20 ~ a tribute to CSNY!!!

I have a few “COMP” tickets. Call me 618-792-1035.

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