New Slide Show on SkyReport, Strange Brothers by Sky

  Brothers Larry and Danny Hagely have been playing
music together for over 30 years, beginning as the
original and cover band, Faustus. They have always
been driven to perfection in everything they did, or
they wouldn’t do it. They have always had musicians
in their band that excelled on their instrument, as well
as performing vocals. They performed for many years
at The House Of Rock in Ronnie’s Plaza in St Louis,
almost as a house band, as The Strange Brothers.
They have been playing in rotation with the bands at
Cutter’s for over 2 years now. Last summer, Cutter’s
cancelled most of the live music but brought it back
in the fall. Go see this band play while they are still
playing here in Belleville this spring at Cutter’s,
April 23 & 24. They are also performing at the
Highland, IL Expo Hall at a benefit dance with other
bands, 4-16-10. See this site for details.
See the new slide show I just launched on my
SkyReport web page.
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