Rhyme or Reason Concert Pictures

  About a year ago a new band, Rhyme or Reason, was formed to record and perform orignal material that
Andrew Stephen and Jared Cattoor had been
performing at jams. The resulting band has been
performing in concerts all the way up to The Pageant
and at the Taste of St Louis last summer.
  The band includes brothers Andrew and Matt
Stephen, sons of Howard Stephen and nephews of
Jeff Stephen who many of you know from The Choozy
Mutherz, Jared Cattoor, Greg Bender and Kevin Dean.
The result is an exciting blend of jazz/funk and
pop/rock fusion with hiphop rhythms. It’s truely
St Louis’s New Groove.
  Friday night, 3-5-10, they performed to a packed
house at the Old Rock House in St Louis, a large
concert venue that features concerts like they
used to have at Mississippi Nights, but bigger and
better with great food, house sound, lights and
video. And….free parking!!!!
  I spent the entire night shooting pictures to put
in a new slide show to share with you on my
SkyReport web page.
  Visit the band’s MySpace page to hear some of
their music and see some video.

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